We stand on the brink of an exciting chapter in our journey. The Harpers Ferry Heritage Society has embarked on a capital campaign to raise funds for a dedicated museum building that will serve as a sanctuary for the stories of the Mississippi River. This museum will be a place of learning, reflection, and inspiration—a space where the past comes alive and connects us to the essence of Harpers Ferry.

our plan

The front of the Harpers Ferry Museum will resemble the original Harper House built in the late 1880's. This will unite our past, present and future. The facility will house the greater historical collection of Harpers Ferry, the "Driftless Area" and support the educational and informational activities to increase public awareness of the Harpers Ferry area history.

The Harpers Ferry Museum will be built next to the Oil Springs School in the Martelle Heritage Park. Located on the corner of Vine and North 2nd Street.

Drawings of the new Harpers Museum Building which apart of the We have History let's keep it alive Capital Campaign
Floor plan of the new Harpers Museum Building

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Organizations & Individuals Involved in Project Development

The Harpers Ferry Area Heritage Society (HFAHS) was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) organization October, 2013 and received our tax-exempt status effective November, 2013.  …

Capital Campaign, Harpers Ferry Museum

Harpers Ferry Museum Capital Campaign Launch

Finalizing plans for the Harpers Museum Building and a Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds was the main focus for 2022.  A campaign brochure …

Capital Campaign, Harpers Ferry Museum