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Help us build the Harpers Ferry Museum. This project will be achieved through the gifts of friends.

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Oil Spring School

Learn about the impact one-room schools played in the success of Iowa’s economy, educated populace & values.

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Historic photograph of the Harper House in sepia

Our Mission

Unveiling History, One Story at a Time

Discover the stories of those who once called the banks of the river and the farms surrounding Harpers Ferry their home. At the Harpers Ferry Heritage Society, we are dedicated to honoring the memory of the remarkable individuals who lived, worked, and contributed to the rich history of this iconic region. Our mission is to safeguard their legacy, share their tales, and inspire generations to come.

Nestled at the confluence of history and nature, Harpers Ferry holds within its picturesque landscapes the echoes of countless lives that have shaped the course of time. Through meticulously collected artifacts, documents, photographs, and oral histories, we stitch together the intricate fabric of the past. From the riverside laborers to the agrarian pioneers, each story is a thread that weaves the tapestry of our shared heritage.

Stories, Resources, & Updates

Echoes of Harpers Ferry

Classmates Reunite for A Photo Recreation

Alice Evanson (top right of picture) taught at Oil Springs School in the mid-early 1900’s. Like most one room school houses, class sizes were generally …

Historic Stories, Oil Springs School

Oil Springs School Moves to New Location

The Oil Springs School, a one-room rural schoolhouse, and outhouse was previously located on the Great River Road, north of Harpers Ferry near Mohn’s Fish …

Historic Stories, Oil Springs School

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