Our Purpose & History

  • Preserve, educate & share Harpers Ferry area history, culture & lore;
  • Provide genealogical services for the Harpers Ferry area;
  • Support and conduct education, research, and informational activities to increase public awareness of Harpers Ferry area history;
  • Partner and/or collaborate with other groups, agencies of the area, state and nationally that support the purpose & goals of this organization to achieve the outcomes desired.

Harpers Ferry Area Heritage ‘s (HFAHS) purpose is to preserve, educate and share Harpers Ferry history, culture and lore. Our greatest focus has been planning the Harpers Ferry Museum which will resemble the original Harper House built in the late 1880’s by David Harper the founder of Harpers Ferry.

A community survey showed a great deal of interest and in the Fall of 2013 the Harpers Ferry Area Heritage Society was incorporated. It began with a group of enthusiastic volunteers who were busy collecting oral histories, artifacts and looking for ways to acquire a facility and site.

Education & Collaboration

Harpers Ferry Area Heritage Society belongs to several regional, state and national organizations:

  • Allamakee County Economic Development
  • Preservation Iowa
  • American Association for State and Local History
  • American Rural School Education Association
  • National Scenic Byway Association.

These memberships provide collaboration, education and visibility for our organization, and connect us with others who are doing similar historic projects.  Several members of the HFAHS attended the Allamakee County Economic Development Annual meeting at Village Creek Bible Camp.