Last Modified: October 3, 2023

Finalizing plans for the Harpers Museum Building and a Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds was the main focus for 2022.  A campaign brochure along with a donation insert card and cover letter were designed with our new “Logo” and colors of blue and green which represent the bluffs and the river.  “Building for the Future to preserve our past”, was chosen as the theme of our Capital Campaign.  Over 400 letters, inserts and brochures were mailed to individuals in the area to request donations to the Museum project.  A model of the Harpers Ferry Museum was made by one of our members and used at our booth at the Allamakee County Fair and other events to promote the Museum project.  We had a float in the Harpers Ferry Memorial Day Parade which featured a model of the Harpers Ferry Museum.  We also participated in the Harpers Ferry community “craft” show, showcasing the Museum project.

A grant committee was assigned and began to compile a list of potential grants.  They met via Zoom with consultant/advisors from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque two different times to identify specific grants we could investigate and set dates on which to apply.  We received a mini grant of $500. from the Allamakee County Community Foundation in the spring and two grants were applied for in the fall of 2022. We received $15,000. From the Arlin Falck Foundation and are waiting to hear from the Midwest River Expeditions Fund.  Requests for donations from six banks were prepared and two of the banks were visited in November and December.

The building committee continues to explore various options for certain materials.  They also developed a budget for building the Harpers Ferry Museum which was difficult because of the volatile and high cost of materials.

“Fun” fund raising ideas we would like to pursue are:

  1. Tour of homes including a couple historic homes and some newer homes as well;
  2. An “all” Harpers Ferry reunion weekend with a tentative date of August 11th-12th, 2023;
  3. Old Fashioned Pie and Ice Cream Social – it was decided to hold this even October 16th, 2022 and honor the Hawes brothers: ( Msgr. Cletus Hawes, Fr. Donald Hawes and Cyril Hawes) for all their support of the Harpers Ferry area and the HFAHS projects.  The Pie social was very successful.

Mary Willy will design a flyer that can be used for the capital campaign and our various activities.  She will also work with several volunteers to develop videos and pictures of the project that can be used on our social media.  Brianne Grimstad wrote an article on the Harpers Ferry Museum project for the Waukon Standard, November 12th, 2022 edition.  She described the project and focused on the Capital Campaign and ways people could donate and get involved.  She will do a series of articles featuring different aspects of the project, including interviews and interesting pieces of history.  The articles have created a lot of interest.

We have just begun the capital campaign with a goal to raise $800,000.  We opened a second checking account to be used for the Capital Campaign, so we can manage the funds and do the necessary reports for grants.  Our treasurer, Beth Stoffregan, resigned in August and Thomas “Tom” Clark was elected as Treasurer.  We thanked Beth for her excellent years of service.

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